Whether your vessel must meet the requirements of ISPS or MTSA, our security professionals stand ready to address all your concerns. From the initial formations of vessel security plans, all the way through the full implementation and auditing of those plans, MERE M-PACT SOLUTIONS can show you how to operate in a cost-effective manner, not only helping you to meet regulations, but helping you in a way that reflects industry best practices.


The process of developing facility security plans to meet the requirements of ISPS or MTSA can be both time consuming and cost prohibitive. MERE M-PACT SOLUTIONS is ready to assist you in all aspects of your facility security plan. From initial assessment, plan formation, regulatory processes, to exercises and audits.


Does your port require an initial threat assessment or a follow up to verify that you have mitigated all the vulnerability to your ports critical infrastructure? Whether mandated by the ISPS code, MTSA, or your own local government, MERE M-PACT SOLUTIONS professionals will evaluate all aspects of your port and include the potential operational modalities in determining which assets are most vulnerable.

From there we can determine the most likely scenarios that would compromise your security. We firmly believe that it is only through having all those with a stake in port security involved in the process of assessments that a complete and accurate picture can be developed.


MERE M-PACT SOLUTIONS can tailor a program that will do as much or as little of the routine or required functions of your ISPS or MTSA, required security plan as you wish. We can provide the training, drills, exercises, record keeping, audits and amendments that are required by your plan or even build you an entirely new plan with new assessments. We will diligently work it through the regulatory process for you, and then ensure that the plans components stay current.

Developing sound exercises, and then conducting and evaluating them, can be an expensive and time-consuming proposition. MERE M-PACT SOLUTIONS can present you with high quality, time efficient exercises that will provide outstanding information on security plan effectiveness.

Beyond the simple design and conduction of your exercise, MERE M-PACT SOLUTIONS professionals will give you the kind of analysis that will enable you to successfully pass an audit.

Our security professionals include individuals who have worked both in the maritime industry and the regulatory agencies on issues dealing with exercise development, operation and evaluation. With real life experience in both worlds we will not only assist you in the self-evaluation of your security plans, but also ensure that they exceed regulatory expectations. MERE M-PACT SOLUTIONS professionals have experience with exercises for all size facilities, vessels, single entities to multiple facilities, as well as small to large ports.


Drills are one of the constant requirements for any good security plan. It is only through frequent repetition of the required tasks and thinking through the responses that security becomes a habit and state of mind. Quality drills can be a challenge to set up and properly conduct. MERE M-PACT SOLUTIONS can teach you how to develop and conduct quality, focused drills that meet all regulatory requirements and that will assist you in becoming a better security officer.


Consultants believe in communicating with all sides of the problem to find the most comprehensive solutions. Our consultants reach out to the regulators and other people around your port to find the best possible solutions for identifying industry best practices. We bring the port state control professionals and industry professionals together to form our consulting group for all of your maritime issues. We use our knowledge of the industry to compile individual solutions that will fit your needs.


MERE M-PACT SOLUTIONS is a dedicated and passionate consulting group based in Southern New Jersey providing maritime emergency response training and security assessment programs.