Regardless of statutory requirements for performing audits of an existing vessel or ship security plan, a wise maritime manager wants to know just how well those important plans and processes perform. For the vessel security officer, and for company security officers faced with several of these plans to oversee, the task can become overwhelming. Our maritime security professionals can help get this process back under control. We understand the industry we work in and the time line world it reflects. We also understand that as important as security audits and assessments are, the demands of maritime commerce make it vital that this process does not negatively impact tight schedules any more than necessary.

Additionally, our security professionals have experience in building and implementing practical, cost effective ship security plans. MERE M-PACT SOLUTIONS has professionals who have worked from the regulatory side of the industry and are fully knowledgeable of what regulators expect to see. This unique range of experience will give your company the most comprehensive view in the industry how as to just well your vessel and ship security plans are working.


MERE M-PACT SOLUTIONS maritime security specialists can provide relief from the periodic task of auditing existing facility and port facility security plans. This is a cost-effective process that affords the facility manager a timely and accurate assessment on their facility plans. Having built plans and working them through the regulatory process has given our professionals extensive hands on experience in both ISPS and MTSA regulations. We offer the most experienced people in the field to help you look at your security plans through the eyes of an audit process, and to assist in anticipating the next steps in making your facility safe and secure.


Whether you are mandated by the ISPS code, MTSA, or your own local government, MERE M-PACT SOLUTIONS global maritime security specialists can help you complete the process of pulling together a comprehensive audit to verify that you are following your present program in its entirety. The scope of information to be evaluated and variables to be considered is broad in dealing with port wide security. It requires a level of professionalism, experience and maritime knowledge that our specialists will bring to the table. Our history of involvement in previous port audits gives us the ability and experience to analyze data in a real-world context. MERE M-PACT SOLUTIONS possesses both the insight and maritime background to bring this critical information into an easy to understand report that is perceptive and actionable, while always maintaining a security sensitive approach.


MERE M-PACT SOLUTIONS is a dedicated and passionate consulting group based in Southern New Jersey providing maritime emergency response training and security assessment programs.